Classes with us can be scheduled at the time that is convenient for you.

Next classes in our studio

Blow you own ornament, pumpkin, paperweight or flowers  will continue again  in Spring  Season 2020 starting 2/29 continuing through 5/17. Details for options here below. During Summer Season we offer stained glass, fusing glass jewelry, glass mosaics and bead making.

Call (860)921-1486 or e-mail: to plan and schedule your own unique class. We don’t have set schedule, you can wish the date and time just for your self or a small group.

Come to continue your project or start something new.

Students under 18 years old must be accompanied with parent or legal guardian.

Beads and/or Jewelry   $40/ 2 hours  introductory class:           

You will learn to make beads and decorate them with different designs.

You will learn to design and build jewelry with your self-made beads.

To make jewelry from your self made beads you need two classes: first to make beads and next to create jewelry after the beads have been annealed. Annealing means the beads are cooled down in kiln slowly to prevent them braking.

Additional cost for additional findings, Chrystal/gem-beads and silver.           

Stained Glass   $ 40/ 2 -3 hours  introductory class                           

You will learn to create a small simple stained glass sun catcher with copper foil technique. We have a selection of designs for you to choose from. You learn the process and go home with a finished item.

Fusing Glass Jewelry  $40/ 2 hours introductory class

You will learn how to prepare jewelry focal pedants, earrings or ring with glass fusing technique. The pieces you make during class will be fused in kiln over night and annealed. To finish jewelry with your fused items you need to book 2 hours jewelry introduction class separately.

Hot Shop is running again in Spring Season starting 2/29 for continuing through 5/17.

Blow your own ornament  $30/ornament.

Blow your own Pumpkin $60/ea. , Flowers (2-4 pieces) $ 90/hour lesson.

Paperweight $45/paperweight.

You can book your glass blowing sessions for weekends 9:30 am – 4:30 pm, weekday afternoons and evenings after 3 pm.

For other hot shop glass blowing classes contact Annukka (860)921-1486.

We have gift certificates to purchase.

In Blow your own ornament/pumpkin/paperweight/flowers you will receive an introduction to the “hot shop” and glass blowing process, select and apply your choice of colors and make your item with an experienced glass blower. All blown glass, flameworked and fused glass must be annealed overnight and can be picked the next day (or later) or shipped to you for an additional cost. Ornament and pumpkin class is appropriate for all ages except toddlers, flower and paperweight class must be 14 and older ; under 18 must be accompanied by parent or guardian.

Call Annukka 860-921-1486 or Mark 860-729-2523 or e-mail to schedule.

Introduction to Flameworking
$40 / 2 hours, materials included
  • How to work on torch
  • How to make basic round beads on mandrel from soft glass
  • You will make beads of your own
  • Your beads will be annealed and you can pick them up later, or they can be shipped to you.
Introduction to Stained Glass
$40 / 3 hours, materials incl.
  • How to cut and grind glass
  • How to work with copper-foil and solder pieces together
  • You will make one small finished item to take home with you.
Introduction start to Jewelry
$40 / 2-3 hours, materials included
  • How to build a bracelet, necklace or earrings using findings, wire, strings, pendants and beads
  • You will make at least one finished item/set.

Class prices

Private lesson/ group lesson (max. 3 persons)

Class Prices/student 1 hour 3 hours 6 hours
Glass blowing $90/hour (materials incl.)
Flame-working $25/hour(materials incl.) $60
Stained glass $30 + materials $60 $120
Glass fusing $30 + materials $60 $120
Mosaics $45 (materials incl.) $90 $180
Glass painting $45(materials and firing incl.) $90 $180

Classes with Annukka in other studios

Saturday – Sunday March 28 – 29, 2020

Introduction to mouth blown beads

The Studio of Corning Museum of Glass, Corning, NY

Friday-Sunday April 4 – 5, 2020

Stained Glass variations

Incorporate recycled, fused and painted glass into your art, metal wires, shells and stones as well.

The Studio of Corning Museum of Glass, Corning, NY

September Wednesday – Sunday 9/2 – 6

Glass Stock West, South Beach, OR

Stained Glass Variations, Blown hollow beads, Sculpt bunnies in soft glass and many other 1/2 day or 1 day classes in bulk.

Facebook/ Glass Stock

Classes with Mark only in home studio.